We’re Spending HOW Much on that Asset?

Two of the most powerful benefits of CMMS software are information and the insight that information provides about your maintenance operations.

Most of our customers discover a few surprises after they implement MPulse Maintenance Software. A common one is when you start to look closely at the numbers for the first time. More often than not, we hear the same thing, “We’re spending HOW much on that asset?”

That’s the moment you see the true value of CMMS software and its ability to improve your maintenance operations.

Make Decisions Based on Hard Evidence

CMMS software changes the game. It’s the best tool a maintenance manager has for gathering, analyzing, and reporting data about your equipment and your team. And by using that data, you can make decisions based on hard evidence, instead of perceptions or assumptions.

We call this approach “data-driven management,” which simply means you’re making management decisions backed by reliable data instead of assumptions or guesses.

Together, CMMS software and data-driven management give you the picture you need to accurately assess how your department is functioning and where you might make changes to improve. With good data to work from, your organization can make good decisions, which will improve its ability to compete effectively and efficiently.

Answer the Questions that Matter to You—and Your Boss

With CMMS software, our customers find they can answer a lot of questions, like…

  • Is it more cost effective to repair that forklift or replace it?
  • Should I hire another staff member to reduce overtime costs?
  • What are our biggest repair parts expenditures?

We can help you set up your MPulse CMMS software to answer the questions that matter to you and your boss. Best of all, the cumulative nature of CMMS data means you can ask different questions in the future—ones you might not even think about today.

It’s easy to miss key information when you’re making decisions based on assumptions or guesses. While you may be surprised how much you are spending on certain assets, knowledge is power. Suddenly you see your maintenance operations in a different light, and you can make the changes you need to make it more productive and efficient.

Learn more about how MPulse can help you answer your maintenance questions. Leave a comment or contact us.