MPulse Software Launches Single-Sign-On (SSO) / Active Directory Integration for Cloud-Hosted Customers

As part of its continuous efforts to advance CMMS technology, MPulse Software, Inc. is pleased to announce improved secure access with its new Single Sign On (SSO) option.

MPulse now supports SAML SSO, enabling its cloud-based CMMS software to integrate with security directories that determine who gets access to what computers, networks, applications, and services. No other third parties are required. This new feature supports multiple identity providers as well as user self-provisioning and custom claims for populating user data.

“SSO offers many advantages for organizations that want to streamline and control access to cloud-based software,” explained Randall Brous, MPulse’s Chief Technology Officer. “With our SSO option, MPulse users can log into their computers once and have immediate access to their hosted CMMS from MPulse.”

MPulse’s SSO option extends an organization’s internal directory to the MPulse cloud environment. This ability offers many advantages to current and potential customers, including…

  • Improved security for user authentication
  • Simplified user experience
  • Streamlined implementation for large user bases
  • Better control over user access and authority

The new SSO option continues MPulse’s dedication to system security, scalability, and compliance for its hosted CMMS software. It’s available on all MPulse Editions of our cloud-based software. Current MPulse customers can enable SSO on their cloud-hosted MPulse software by contacting our support team.

For more information or a free CMMS software quote, contact MPulse at (800) 944-1796 (USA and Canada) or +1 (541) 302-6677 (outside of USA and Canada), or visit the MPulse website at