Customer Success Story: How Maintenance Contributes to Excellent Customer Service


Long-time readers know I talk a lot about how modern maintenance has changed. Today I’m going to share a customer success story about how one company embraced those changes, and why it made all the difference.

FORTRUST Data Center Uses MPulse Software, Inc to Empower Excellent Customer Service

FORTRUST is a lot like any business—their success is built on customer service. As a colocation provider, the company provides reliable conditioned power, cooling, and security for companies looking to host their IT systems offsite as their primary or disaster recovery site.

Back in 2010 the company found itself in a growth pattern. Now that’s a nice problem to have. To meet increasing demand, they began researching CMMS software to manage the expansion of installed equipment and the corresponding maintenance tasks.

“The Excel spreadsheets just weren’t cutting it,” explained Joe Harris, FORTRUST’s critical systems lead. That’s a refrain I’ve heard many times from maintenance professionals.

Also like many other businesses, FORTRUST briefly considered developing in-house software. But after a simple Internet search, they saw MPulse could do everything they needed—making implementation faster and more affordable.

FORTRUST went from 0 to 60 with their MPulse CMMS software, which they use for…

  • Work Order Management
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Parts Inventory
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Preventive Maintenance, and
  • More

One of their team’s proudest accomplishments? FORTRUST has reduced its inventory expenditures by 30% in just 5 years.

“We have a limited amount of storage space,” Joe told me. “Before MPulse, we noticed we were keeping a lot of stuff on hand that we didn’t need, and then we had to throw it out because it had a limited shelf life. That costs money. With MPulse, we know which parts are more beneficial to order on an as-needed basis, which ones we should keep on hand, and which ones need longer lead times.”

When I toured FORTRUST’s Denver, Colorado, facility recently, I was struck by their facilities team’s enthusiasm. They were proud of their work and eager to show us what they were doing. Plus, company executives were quick to point out how important the maintenance team’s contributions were. That’s an environment I wish more maintenance techs found themselves in.

And the result of the company’s investment in both CMMS software and their employees? FORTRUST has more than 14 years of continuous critical systems uptime, which is a key component of FORTRUST’s customer service and marketing strategy.

Yet even with their success, FORTRUST isn’t slowing down. Next they plan to move their maintenance strategy forward by strengthening their asset management plan.

Download our customer success story for more information about how FORTRUST used MPulse Software, Inc to improve their operations—and how you can too.