The Maintenance Maven Reflects on 21+ Years in the Maintenance Field


Back in the late 1990s, we were having a tough financial quarter. It was frustrating and causing me a fair amount of angst.

Taking a short break from the stress, my wife and I went to the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival. It was August, and the Pacific Northwest was in the middle of a drought.

We met an artist there selling posters of majestic Mt. Hood overlooking the Columbia River. And as I studied that image, I realized that even though the water level was much lower than normal, the mighty river was still flowing.

I understood profoundly in that moment that the Columbia River had been flowing long before I was there, and it would still be flowing long after I was gone. Just like that great river, well-run companies experience ebbs and flows, but they continue on through times of scarcity and abundance alike.

That idea sustained me during my decades in the maintenance software business—especially during some of those tougher times. But the metaphor seems even more meaningful today as MPulse continues a period of exceptional abundance and growth, and I officially announce my retirement.

MPulse Will Continue as Usual

Even as I step out of the picture, MPulse, like the Columbia River, will continue to thrive and grow and, most importantly, to serve and delight our customers with great software and terrific service.

The company we’ve built and grown over the past 22 years was acquired on April 1, 2017, by JDM Technology Group, a leading provider of software solutions for facility, industrial, and construction customers worldwide. MPulse President Jason Johnson and CTO Randall Brous will take the reins from me to guide the company forward.

One of my business mantras has always been, “Stick to the long-term plan.” And our acquisition by JDM is part of the long-term plan for MPulse—strengthening it so our customers can continue to rely on us to help them achieve their maintenance goals. The same dedicated MPulse employees will be sitting in the same offices—ready to help you navigate the shifting currents of an increasingly complex and technical maintenance world.

The Future of Maintenance

The maintenance field has experienced its own ebbs and flows over the years, and much has changed since my early days leading MPulse. Back then, many maintenance techs were none too excited about computers. Often times, our sales reps had to explain why a computer even belonged in the maintenance department.

Today, maintenance professionals have fully accepted information technology and the role CMMS software plays in their jobs. Everyone is now looking ahead to understand where technology will take us, as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems transform for into more broadly capable and comprehensive Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions. From mobile devices to cloud-based maintenance software to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the maintenance world has a lot to be excited about.

On the Road Again

I have some exciting things ahead of me as well. My wife and I plan on heading out on our next adventure—an RV trip that will take us wherever we feel like going, hopefully with little maintenance and repair involved.

As I look back, I’m grateful for our customers. Thank you for your business, your passion, your loyalty, your feedback, your wisdom, your friendship, and so much more.

And I’m also grateful for our dedicated MPulse employees, who have truly been responsible for our company’s success. I’ve also been lucky to work with our outstanding vendors, who have help us achieve the great things MPulse is known for today.

It’s been a fantastic ride, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me next. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again somewhere down the road.


Steve Brous, aka “The Maintenance Maven”