What is Media Management?

The Media Management feature of CMMS software stores all digital assets related to equipment, facilities, or work orders—including videos, photos, PDFs, manuals, vendor websites, intranet sites, documents, and more. As a result, all maintenance team members have access to these materials directly from records in the software. MPulse’s Media Management feature also lets you link media assets to your Dashboards, so it’s right there waiting for you every time you sign in.

Benefits of Media Management

The Media Management feature of CMMS offers the following benefits…

  • Quick access to digital information resources right from your software
  • Information stored with record, so it’s easy to find it the next time
  • Commonly used resources available to all team members
  • Reduced time looking for important documents or information
  • Accessible storage of important training materials

Features of Media Management

The Media Management feature of CMMS software should include the ability to…

  • Store or link to a wide variety of digital assets, including videos, photos, PDFs, manuals, vendor websites, intranet sites, documents, and more
  • Link to media from asset records or work orders
  • Provide quick access to media materials for team members
  • Easily update or add media assets as necessary

Media Management for Mobile

Mobile technology is a natural fit for maintainers. With smartphones and tablets, you can access critical information easily without calling back to the office or getting “plugged in.” Imagine your staff being able to do these activities from anywhere…

  • Open, access, and complete work orders
  • Send or upload photographs of failed components
  • View available parts inventory
  • Access historical data on assets
  • Get up-to-the minute alerts and reports
  • Update inventory using barcode scanning and online ordering systems
  • Access maintenance and repair manuals
  • Record locations automatically with a GPS-enabled device.

App for Mobile to Streamline Processes

MPulse Mobile enables you to use wireless technology, smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops to help you and your technicians manage, initiate, and complete work orders while you’re away from your desks or in the field. 

Technicians simply enter their usual account information to log in to our cloud-based asset management software and…

  • Report problems in the field
  • Capture data when and where it happens
  • Document work with pictures and videos
  • Receive and update work assigned to you
  • Complete work orders with all required data
  • Track hours worked with activity timer
  • Find and link inventory using barcodes
  • Work offline with seamless background synchronization

Who uses MPulse’s Media Management?

More than 2,700 customers around the world use our software for construction, manufacturing, facility management, healthcare, education, government operations, food & beverage, and virtually every other industry imaginable.  

We like to say, with a wink, “We only serve companies who work in buildings or make something.” Our customers work in a wide range of industries, such as…

  • Manufacturing
    • Discrete Manufacturing
    • Process Manufacturing
    • Warehouse Management
  •  Facility Management
    • Building Management
    • Communication Centers
    • Data Centers
    • Property Management
    • Resorts and Hotels
    • Retail
  •  Healthcare
    • Hospitals/Medical Facilities
    • Biomed
    • Medical Device Manufacturing
    • Senior Living Facilities
  • Transportation
    • Fleet Solutions
    • Aviation/Airport
  •  Government
    • Municipalities
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Water and Wastewater
    • Military
  •  Energy
    • Power Generation
    • Energy Delivery
    • Oil and Gas
  •  Education
    • Colleges & Universities
    • K -12 Schools & Districts
  •  Recreation
    • Athletic Clubs
    • Sports Arenas
    • Amusement Parks/Zoos
  • Metal/Mining


Successful Implementation Example of Media Management Software

FORTRUST maintenance personnel streamlined their operations by storing digital media and resources within an asset record, making it easily accessible the next time around.

Frequently Asked Questions About MPulse’s Media Management