What is Role-Based Access Control?

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is a data filtering utility that puts record-level access control in your hands. With RBAC, you can easily adjust settings in your MPulse CMMS software so the right people have the right access to the right records.

With Role-Based Access Control, your maintenance personnel only see the records that are relevant to their unique workloads. Your plumbers see only plumbing work orders, your electricians only the electrical work orders, and your facilities folks just the buildings and grounds records. Plus, the team responsible for maintenance on only one of your locations will see only records for that location.

Benefits of Role-Based Access Control

With role- and permission-based access control you can be sure your employees get access to what they need—and only what they need. With role-based access control software, you’ll…

  • Reduce errors in data entry
  • Prevent unauthorized users from viewing or editing data, even if a device is lost or stolen
  • Gain tighter control over data access
  • Eliminate the “data clutter” of unnecessary information
  • Keep your teams running smoothly

Role-Based Access Control Features & Devices

MPulse Role-Based Access Control works with all devices, from desktop to mobile. Features include the ability to…

  • Limit which records your employees see depending on their role in the organization
  • Filter according to departments, work order types, locations, or other fields
  • Assign roles so people see the only their operating unit’s information
  • Choose which data are global, and which are unique to a group
  • Define an unlimited number of custom filters
  • Automatically link data to a user’s area of expertise

Who uses MPulse’s Role-Based Access Control Features

We like to say, with a wink, “We only serve companies who work in buildings or make something.” MPulse customers work in a wide range of industries, such as…

  • Manufacturing
    • Discrete Manufacturing
    • Process Manufacturing
    • Warehouse Management
  •  Facility Management
    • Building Management
    • Communication Centers
    • Data Centers
    • Property Management
    • Resorts and Hotels
    • Retail
  •  Healthcare
    • Hospitals/Medical Facilities
    • Biomed
    • Medical Device Manufacturing
    • Senior Living Facilities
  • Transportation
    • Fleet Solutions
    • Aviation/Airport
  •  Government
    • Municipalities
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Water and Wastewater
    • Military
  •  Energy
    • Power Generation
    • Energy Delivery
    • Oil and Gas
  •  Education
    • Colleges & Universities
    • K -12 Schools & Districts
  •  Recreation
    • Athletic Clubs
    • Sports Arenas
    • Amusement Parks/Zoos
  • Metal/Mining


Our Role-Based Access Control Feature For Mobile

MPulse Mobile works with Role-Based Access Control, enabling the maintenance team to use mobile devices to access and record critical information. Your maintenance personnel will still only see the records that are relevant to their unique workloads. Improved security features mean you can safely control access to your data, even when you aren’t in the office.

This system also lets you enter inventory items as they arrive and automatically track who is performing work. Updates are automatically synced with your MPulse CMMS once they’re back online. That gives your team everything they need to get the job done in the field or on the plant floor, even if they can’t connect to the Internet.

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