Industrial preventive maintenance software helps ensure equipment is properly calibrated and lubricated.

Regular preventive maintenance tasks contribute to the upkeep of assets, so an organization may be able to sidestep serious problems that arise as a result of neglect as well as delay more expensive maintenance.

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Automating preventive maintenance with industrial preventive maintenance software helps maintenance teams schedule PM tasks, while also making it simpler to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How Can Industrial Preventive Maintenance Software Help?

You can schedule maintenance intervals based on time, operating hours, or part condition—triggering a work order just before the point when system inefficiencies or failures begin to occur.

  • Timed preventive maintenance is simply based on the time between PM tasks—such as days, weeks, months, etc. For example, inspections need to occur at specific time intervals to help maintenance teams spot issues before they occur.
  • Metered PM scheduling measures usage using a specific meter, which triggers a PM task at the appropriate time. Meter readings track and measure the condition of equipment, machinery, vehicles, and other assets. You can choose meters like mileage, usage time, production volume, pressure, flow rate, etc.

Over time the software creates historical data for the asset. Then, maintenance managers can determine if repairs were successful or if they should adjust the PM schedule based on performance.

Whether you use timed or metered PM scheduling, you can reduce emergency maintenance issues and unexpected production stoppages. This, in turn, cuts overtime costs for emergency repairs and reduces production losses.

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