10 Most-Asked Questions about CMMS Data Reporting

CMMS data reporting is one of the most important capabilities for maintenance departments. Here are 10 of the most-asked questions about reporting.

1. What’s a CMMS report?

A CMMS report enables you to transform your CMMS data into meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions by analyzing historical costs and trends. You can capture a wealth of data with every work order or scheduled preventive maintenance task. Then, track the associated maintenance costs of specific assets, so you know exactly what they’re costing you. This data can be applied directly to purchasing or other important organizational decisions. You’ll be able to purchase, operate, maintain, upgrade, or dispose of assets in the most cost-effective manner.

2. What does a CMMS report tell me?

Even simple data from work order records can provide powerful insights. At a glance, you’ll know exactly how much money each work order type is costing your business in maintenance for a specified timeframe. Certain questions can be quickly answered…

    • What type of maintenance do I spend the most on?
    • How does the cost of preventive maintenance compare to repair costs?
    • If I run this report for a different time period, like last year, are there significant changes by category?

Beyond general questions, you can ask precise questions that’ll lead to a more informed decision-making process…

    • Why are my machining maintenance costs so high?
    • What new equipment needs to be purchased, if any?
    • How much will the new equipment cost compared to the current maintenance expense?
    • Will I save money over time by purchasing new equipment? How much?

3. What data can I use to create reports?

CMMS software allows you to collect and report on data across your entire asset inventory, providing numerous measures to help you make better decisions and answer business-critical questions. That includes data on emergency maintenance, preventive maintenance, labor hours, parts and inventory, employee productivity, and more.

Additionally, many contemporary CMMS solutions like MPulse allow you to connect to meters and gauges directly, eliminating the need for meter readings and manual data entry. That information really comes into play when it’s time to make important decisions about the condition of your assets, like whether you should repair or replace it.

4. How long does it take to create a report?

With MPulse Software’s CMMS solutions, you can create simple, easy-to-read graphic reports with just a few clicks. Our reporting features enable you to…

    • Select from over 300 pre-configured text and graphical reports
    • Easily build your own reports in the MPulse Report Builder
    • Customize your reports or create graphical views

5. How can I build a custom report?

The MPulse Report Builder lets you create custom reports based on the information you need to know. Simply choose the report type you want to create, the time period you want, and the data you need to report on. You can save your custom report, and use it just like any other report.

6. Can I add a report to my MPulse Maintenance Dashboard?

Yes! It’s easy to add a report to your MPulse Maintenance Dashboard. Each report has a checkbox that will allow you to add it to your dashboard. Many MPulse customers use their dashboards to monitor CMMS data, so they can see what they need to know in a glance.

7. Can I export CMMS data into an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes, MPulse makes it easy to export data into an Excel spreadsheet, as well as import data from Excel. Many maintenance operations use Excel for other business functions, so this feature makes it easy to work with your data. You also can export and import data from other common file types.

8. Can I limit who can see my reports?

Yes, you can choose to keep your reports private or you can share with other users. With MPulse Role-Based Access Control, you also can set up user groups who can view or edit reports as you see fit. As a result, the people who need the information—and only the people who need the information—have access to it.

9. What’s a gauge report?

MPulse helps you create gauge reports, which show information like it’s on a dial or a speedometer. Many MPulse users will set up gauge reports to show key business indicators in a format that’s easy to see at a glance.

10. Can I email or print reports?

Yes! It’s easy to email or print reports from MPulse with just a click.

CMMS reports give you easy access to the numbers you need to make important decisions. Contact us with any questions.