How an Account Manager Can Help Your Team

Maintenance managers know expert advice can save a lot of time and money, two things in short supply.

That’s why MPulse created the Dedicated Account Manager service. It helps us continue to meet your long-term needs.

What’s a Dedicated Account Manager?

A Dedicated Account Manager is your personal MPulse consultant. Their detailed knowledge about your organization combined with their MPulse expertise ensures your ongoing success.

Antonio’s team saw the benefits of the program right away. His medium-sized building maintenance team needed to make the most of their time and their budget. Their MPulse Dedicated Account Manager helped with both.

“They understand our business,” he said. “As a result, they know exactly how to help when things change around here. That includes simple things like revising work order fields and data, as well as complicated things like new requests for functionality.”

Participating customers like Antonio have reoccurring, scheduled phone meetings with their MPulse Account Manager. Antonio shares any challenges in his shop, while also learning about new ways MPulse can support his team.

“For instance, the recent MPulse upgrade included a new feature that we needed,” Antonio said. “They helped us configure this tool, so it was live in a very short period of time. It would have taken a lot longer if we had tried to do it ourselves. It also would have taken my team away from their work. With budgets the way they are, I need them to focus on maintenance tasks—not software.”

What Does the Service Include?

MPulse Dedicated Account Manager services include…

  • Custom contact and case creation
  • Dedicated support email
  • Direct number (during business hours)
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) for managed response times 4-hour response upon submission of open ticket 24-hour resolution or plan for resolution upon ticket submission
  • Regular status meetings to monitor ongoing priorities
  • Resolution of post‐implementation issues such as problems, changes, enhancements, and questions
  • Consulting and help with specifications for new functionality requests
  • Communication between your team and MPulse engineers when requests, issues, or questions arise
  • Notification of software enhancements or repair

“Our MPulse Dedicated Account Manager has made a huge difference for our operations,” Antonio said. “Our shop is running better than ever. Having a resource like that is worth far more than money.”

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve maintenance success!