How to Roll Up Data From Your Multi-Location Business

Managing maintenance across multiple locations holds unique challenges. Any organization with more than one location needs multi-site management strategies that actually work.

CMMS software can help you standardize your workflow processes and reporting across locations. For example, these locations may include different storerooms, warehouses, offices, buildings, territories, regions, areas, etc. 

Here’s our how-to guide on how businesses with multiple locations/businesses can roll up their data to get a bird’s eye view of the business. 

How to Manage Multiple Business Locations

The best way for multi-location brands to manage local business data is to connect all the locations across your distributed enterprise with the right software. As a result, you can have truly global settings, global reporting, and enterprise-wide inventory search and transfer.

MPulse Multisite Connector provides a universal framework to connect all the locations across your distributed enterprise. Thus, you’ll know what’s going on at every site across the company with just a few clicks. 

With each work order or purchase request, MPulse collects the data you need for making cost-effective decisions. Data collection and reports are customizable, so you collect the information you need.

Most importantly, when an emergency arises, Multisite Connector makes it easy to access this critical data when you need it most.

How to Effectively Run a Multi-Location Management Strategy

Multisite Connector ensures your maintenance processes, reporting needs, and data are the same at each location.

Three major features are vital to any organization managing maintenance data in multiple sites. These features are…

  • Enterprise Asset Status Board: Provides a single-screen graphical view that shows the health of assets across your enterprise.
  • Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager: Enables you to find inventory in storerooms across your enterprise, so your maintenance team can request, retrieve, and fulfill in a smooth transfer process.
  • Enterprise Reporting: Create roll-up reporting across MPulse instances and across your entire enterprise, helping your organization make decisions based on hard data.

Improve Location Management with Mpulse’s Multisite Connector Tool

Multisite Connector can provide a guide to managing data for multi-location brands. Therefore, you can save time and money at every site (and for the organization as a whole) by using MPulse Multisite Connector to…

  • Track work orders, breakdowns, asset health, and other key metrics
  • Streamline stocking, ordering, and other inventory processes
  • Gather and report data

You might think that only large organizations can afford a tool as powerful as Multisite Connector. However, MPulse has customers of all sizes who are reaping the benefits of standardizing maintenance across sites or locations.

Learn about Mpulse’s full range of available Software Features and how to reap the rewards of CMMS software across your entire enterprise. 

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