Meet Your Critical Deadlines with CMMS Software

Maintenance work revolves around deadlines. From preventive maintenance schedules to emergency repairs, your organization’s productivity depends on the maintenance team.

We’ve all missed a deadline, or pushed the schedule back a bit.

But what happens when the deadline can’t change?

Josh, a long-time MPulse customer, shared his recent experience with me. His facility maintenance engineers work in a busy community center, and their responsibilities include the full spectrum typical in facility management.

Josh’s team knows how to get the job done. But a few weeks ago, they learned about an unusually large event with some additional logistical challenges for the maintenance crew.

“It was far more complex, and we needed a fast turnaround,” he explained. “Because this event was going to happen, whether we were ready or not.”

Know Where to Start

Josh’s crew has a lot of responsibiliities, and they needed to hit the ground running. Among other things, they are responsible for….

  • Ensuring fire and safety regulations are followed
  • Obtaining any necessary permits
  • Working with outside vendors for tents, electrical and power supplies, crowd management, or other logistical equipment
  • Setting up any necessary technology, such as computers and audio/visual equipment
  • Coordinating security where needed
  • Providing on-site assistance during the event

Luckily, Josh knew where to start. Tasks lists, schedules, and vendor information from previous events were easy to access with his MPulse Software, Inc. He could review historical information to help him plan quickly.  Using what he already had made it easier to fill in the gaps.

But the pressing deadline meant Josh had to do some things differently.

Get the Help You Need

While Josh credits his CMMS software with saving him more than once, the biggest areas were labor and budget.

“We knew we didn’t have enough people to get things done in time,” he said. “But we also knew who to call to get the help we needed. Our software allowed us to create realistic schedules on short notice.” Those schedules included both vendors and temporary workers.

Moreover, Josh knew his boss wanted constant updates for budgeting. With a few clicks, Josh could keep him updated on spending, so no one was surprised when the bills came in.

“Communication between everyone involved made a huge difference,” he said.

Last, but not least, Josh feels MPulse helped him with another area that’s harder to quantify—the stress level of his team.

“If we’re running around in a panic, we’re far less productive,” he said. “And this was certainly a case where efficiently counted. With MPulse, everyone knew what they needed to do and had what they needed to do it.”

Do you have crucial deadlines that simply cannot be missed? Share your experience. Leave a message or contact me