Seven Things You Need to Know about Cloud-Based vs. On-Premise CMMS Software

When you’re researching CMMS, you’ll find vendors typically offer two different deployment options: cloud-based or on-premise software.

Cloud-based CMMS software (sometimes called web-based CMMS software) is hosted by the vendor and accessible via any device with an Internet connection. On-premise software (sometimes called client-server software) requires you to host the software on your own server and use your own network and hardware.

Maximizing your CMMS investment means ensuring you’re getting software that’s going to work for the long term. Here’s what you need to know about cloud-based vs. on-premise CMMS software.

  1. Reduced IT spending: Because cloud-based CMMS applications are located elsewhere, maintenance operations no longer need to enlist expensive (and often unavailable) IT support to set up and maintain technology infrastructure.
  2. Lower hardware costs: Because a cloud-based CMMS runs on external servers, many organizations have discovered they spend less on hardware in the office, particularly on PCs and internal servers.
  3. Always up-to-date: Because cloud-based CMMS software is centrally managed by the provider, you never need to apply software updates. Cloud-based software stays updated to the latest version in real time.
  4. Mobilization: Mobile technology is a natural fit for the maintenance industry, and cloud-based CMMS means maintainers can access data anytime and anywhere with Internet-enabled devices, like laptops, smartphones, or tablets.
  5. Lower training costs: Improved web-based and app-based user interfaces that mimic popular personal-use applications can minimize the learning curve on hardware and software.
  6. Easy scalability:  Cloud-based CMMS software makes tasks like adding a new user or expanding reporting capabilities easy, so you can keep up in a fast-changing environment.
  7. Data security: No more worrying about hard drive failures or data-loss catastrophes. With a cloud-based CMMS system, your data is backed up and secured in a professionally managed environment. Plus, you own your data and can access it at any time.

While both on-premise and cloud-based CMMS software work, there’s a difference in the long-term costs. On-premise software is a bit like the flip phones of 15-20 years ago. You can still make calls and send texts, but it can’t compete with capabilities of a modern smartphone.

Cloud-based CMMS software helps maintenance operations get applications up and running faster while reducing onsite implementation and management costs. Your maintenance team will save time and money getting your CMMS system working—and you’ll be able to get on to the real work of maintaining and repairing critical assets.

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