Should You Expand MPulse To Other Departments?

While MPulse CMMS software holds clear advantages for the maintenance team, other departments can benefit as well. And, expanding software across departments is probably easier than you think. 

Until recently, getting all your applications to share data required teams of highly skilled technical consultants and weeks or months of work—sometimes with questionable results. 

New data integration tools make integrating software across departments possible for a CMMS to share and receive data with other applications. Now you can easily link MPulse with other systems, such as ERP and accounting software, predictive maintenance monitors, building automation systems, and more. 

How Can I Expand MPulse to Other Departments?

MPulse DataLink Integration Adapter can meet virtually any data integration need, because it’s compatible with a wide array of file and data exchange formats. For example, you might want to integrate MPulse with spreadsheets, other databases, ERP systems, accounting systems, PLCs, electronic meters, and more. 

Our DataLink Integration Adapter enables your MPulse administrator or local IT team to quickly and easily move data in and out of MPulse using a familiar, intuitive interface. MPulse can easily exchange data with any Excel, .txt, .csv, SQL Server, or XML Web Services data store. You can map and schedule data transfers and from numerous data sources outside the application.

You can integrate MPulse with other software in four different ways…

  1. Import data to MPulse from files, databases, or other applications
  2. Export data from MPulse to other applications, files, or databases
  3. Schedule imports and exports based on times or file changes
  4. Save unlimited “mapping profiles” to your data sources and targets

The Growing Importance of Data Integration Between Departments

The maintenance department is in the unique position of interacting with most, if not all, other departments. 

So, tight integration between MPulse and other business-critical applications and data stores will do more than reduce hassle. You’ll also enjoy these benefits…

  • Fewer errors due to manual data entry
  • Reduced data input redundancy
  • Faster response times to maintenance problems
  • Near real-time monitoring of critical data
  • The ability to grow with your company’s changing technologies

Additionally, technological advances continue to make more and more detailed, relevant data available. And with that increased capability comes increased opportunity to improve organizational performance at all levels, and in all departments—including the maintenance team.

Collaborative Project Management Importance

Building collaboration helps your employees communicate and work together on projects across functional and departmental lines. Expanding software across departments enables your entire organization to benefit from the ability to collaborate. 

As a result, all departments can benefit from easy access to data to make decisions, also called data-driven management. Large businesses have been using data-driven management for decades, but now it’s easy for smaller organizations to jump on the data train with software integration tools.

Whether your organization is small or large, MPulse can help you integrate software across departments without expensive IT consultants or programming experience. Read how this MPulse customer is using our DataLink tool to link MPulse with their financial software: “It just works.”

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