Streamline Your Work Order Management System

Work order management is the heart of your maintenance operations. As a result, streamlining the work order workflow is one of the best ways to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Here’s some advice from MPulse customers on easy ways to evaluate—and improve—your work order management system.

Service Requesting and Work Order Management

All work orders start with service requests. CMMS makes service requesting easier, saving you time. You can receive requests from internal staff or external customers, enter requests manually, or automate work orders via your preventive maintenance program.

Streamlining this process pays off in efficiency. For example, use your CMMS software to approve, assign, schedule, and manage maintenance requests for your staff members or vendors. You can also automate the approval and assignment of work order requests. Best of all, save time (and hassle) with automated confirmations, which you can customize and send to requesters, managers, and technicians.

Customization of Work Orders

The data you gather on work orders should match what your organization wants to know. For example, if your organization uses special codes or tracks internal data, you need the appropriate tabs and fields in your CMMS database to collect that information.

Customizing work orders in CMMS makes it easy for the people who create and complete them, as well as the people who need data from those work orders. Best of all, you can track the data you need. And, just as importantly, then you can run your own custom reports on the information you and your managers need to know.

Parts & Inventory

Inventory management helps you prevent time- and money-wasting problems like running out of parts, searching for lost parts, or duplicating inventory you didn’t know you had. Moreover, CMMS software can help quickly identify what you need for which piece of equipment. When an emergency arises, this information provides critical data for making cost-efficient decisions and helps your organization save time and money by improving tracking, stocking, ordering, and inventory processes.

Resources and Historical Data

You can access valuable information resources from your CMMS software. Your team can add links to maintenance manuals, internal documents, vendor websites, videos, photos and much more. All the information is stored with the record, so it’s easily accessible the next time around.


Reporting provides details about how your department is functioning and where you might make changes to improve. With solid data and easy-to-read reports, your organization can make good decisions based on hard evidence.

Work order management is the heart of MPulse Software’s CMMS solutions. We help you get the highest priority work done, while making sure lower priority work doesn’t slip through the cracks. Find out how. Contact us.