Understanding Your MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart

Do items seem to appear on your storeroom shelves without getting properly received? Or, do spare parts disappear or miss getting linked to work orders? 

On busy days, tracking what’s coming and going from your inventory room can seem impossible.

But, here’s a secret to success with CMMS—you can get your fastest return on investment (ROI) by implementing inventory control management

Yep. You read that right. If you ignore inventory control management, you’re also denying yourself the fastest way to find real savings for your organization.

But, the key is finding the type of inventory system that works for your organization. 

What is the Easiest Inventory Management System for Teams?

MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart allows you to check parts and supplies into and out of inventory using an online shopping cart. 

As a result, your team can quickly link items and their unit costs to work orders and assets, helping you track and report on consumption of those items.

Scan the part. Scan the asset. That’s how long it takes to link inventory to a new or existing work order record. This system also lets you enter inventory items as they arrive and automatically track who is performing work.

MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart also lets you…

  • Scan any item with a barcode label
  • Scan repair parts as they’re used
  • Quickly link inventory to new and existing work orders
  • Print barcode labels on a laser printer
  • Instantly enter received purchases as they arrive
  • Automatically track who’s performing work

What are the Benefits of MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart?

Faster inventory check in/out with the MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart can make your operation more efficient, saving money and time for both your employees and your organization.

Benefits also include…

  • Dramatic time savings—no more data entry
  • With data entry gone, eliminates errors
  • Makes it easier to identify parts
  • Saves money by reducing inventory shrinkage and bloat

Additionally, many organizations are unintentionally storing surplus parts—parts the company has not used in a given period of time. Those parts just sit on the shelves, forgotten, but still costing the organization money.

That’s a missed opportunity to save some cold, hard cash. Because overstocked or outdated inventory takes up extra room in the storage area and manpower to count it. 

It also frees up capital to use for parts you actually need.

Make inventory management easy.  MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart puts professional grade inventory control at your fingertips.

Have questions? Contact us. We’re here for you.