Why You Need a CMMS with Digital Media Management

The Media Management feature of MPulse CMMS software offers quick access to digital information resources right from your device. 

As a result, commonly used documents and information are available to all maintenance team members. That reduces your team’s time spent searching for important resources.

It includes the ability to…

  • Store or link to a wide variety of digital assets, including videos, photos, PDFs, manuals, vendor websites, intranet sites, documents, and more
  • Link to media from asset records or work orders
  • Provide quick access to media materials for team members
  • Easily update or add media assets as necessary

The Media Management feature also lets you link media assets to your Dashboards, so it’s right there waiting for you every time you sign in.

Let’s learn how to use it.

Set Up Your Media Storage

Before you can use Media Management, you need to enable your storage location in your MPulse settings. (Note, if you have an internal IT team or you’ve used MPulse Implementation Services, this step was probably already done.)

Start by going to 

  • Management Tools / General / Media Storage

You have three options to choose from:

  • FTP Server
  • Cloud Storage with Amazon S3
  • Cloud Storage with Azure Blob Storage

Choose the right one for you, and add the pertinent details. (Have questions? MPulse is here to help!)

Link Media

Once your storage is set up, you can begin to link media files to the appropriate record. 

CMMS software with Digital Media Management

Start by clicking the chain link icon (fifth from left). 

Select Choose files. Then, select the media you want to link and click Upload 

Now you’ll see a thumbnail in the media section. To view this media, click the thumbnail. Then the view detail icon (second from left).

Add Media As Record Image

To add this media as a Record Image, click the thumbnail and then the record image icon (first from left).

Media can be linked to most record areas within MPulse, including maintenance task records and maintenance request records. The media linked in these record areas will also become part of work orders.

Media Management Benefits

The Media Management feature of MPulse CMMS offers the following benefits…

  • Quick access to digital information resources right from your software
  • Information stored with record, so it’s easy to find it the next time
  • Commonly used resources available to all team members
  • Reduced time looking for important documents or information
  • Accessible storage of important training materials

Have questions about MPulse Media Management? Contact us. We’re here for you.