Simple Ways to Improve Your Maintenance Operations, Part 3: CMMS Customization


In my last post, I shared one of the most important—and overlooked—features of your CMMS software, the user interface.

This time, I’ll discuss a related topic—the ability to customize your maintenance software.

Customization means different things to different people. Here at MPulse, we offer an advanced customization feature so you can modify your CMMS software in a way that matches your organization’s needs.

Typically, our customers are interested in customization because they want to change or add layouts, fields, nested fields, and custom prompts. So we designed our maintenance software to make these types of changes on the fly with just a few clicks.

The Right Information Where You Want It

The advanced customization feature of MPulse was a big plus for Amanda. When her state government organization first implemented CMMS software, she needed to modify certain things, such as field names and the work order layout, to make sure the techs could find pertinent information right where they thought it should be.

“It sounds like a minor detail,” Amanda explained. “But those little things made a big difference to our users. It also made the implementation process easier because our new CMMS work orders looked very similar to our old paper work orders, so the technicians had an easier transition.”

The Ability to Change When Circumstances Change

It’s very common for organizations to use special codes to track internal data, so the MPulse advanced customization feature includes the ability to easily create new tabs and fields.

It’s a feature that comes in handy long after CMMS implementation. Even today, long after their first maintenance software purchase, Amanda continues to tweak her MPulse database—adding information as necessary.

“We often get requests to track different data from upper administrators,” she explained. “We’ve added fields for internal accounting codes, warranty information, employee time, and more. It helps us stay flexible.”

That flexibility has helped Amanda’s organization during several big changes. “We’ve had a lot of changes in management, and different people want different information,” she said. “The ability to customize our MPulse CMMS software meant these types of changes were a lot easier for everyone.”

Faster Implementation and More Accurate Data

The ability to adjust when circumstances change also makes implementation faster with less resistance from users.

“Our maintenance team is the key to collecting CMMS data, so it’s important they record accurate information,” Amanda said. “If your data isn’t accurate, neither are your reports. And in our organization, accuracy is a part of our greater goal—to spend taxpayer money wisely.”

Every organization is different, and advanced customization makes it easy to get the most of your maintenance management software.

How could the advanced customization feature for MPulse CMMS software help your organization? Leave a comment below, or contact me.

Next time, I’ll share how calendar views made a difference for another MPulse customer.