Five Reasons You Need a Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner is one of the simplest, yet overlooked, methods for data input and gathering.

Maintenance professionals are sometimes surprised at how many uses for a barcode reader fit easily with their workflows.

How a Barcode Scanner Works

Barcodes are everywhere. Barcode scanner system software reads the black and white patterns, and then translates it into data.

That data can be almost anything: stock management, inventory and parts, assets, time calculations, and much more. This data is then retrieved via a computer database, like CMMS software.

Why You Need a Barcode Scanner

Barcodes have been around for decades because they are so useful. Here are five reasons you need a barcode scanner.

  1. Easy to use. Your CMMS software can print barcodes that are easily read by commonly available devices—including smartphones, tablets, and barcode scanners. You also can attach them to just about any surface. Then, your maintenance team scans a barcode to record or find data in your CMMS software.
  2. Variety of uses. You can use barcodes for any type of data collection. One of the most frequent is inventory or stock management. But your team can use barcodes for outgoing shipments, repair times, equipment, and much more.
  3. Easy to implement. You need a printer, software, and a scanner. Then it takes just minutes to train employees how to use them. Plus, barcode scanners easily transmit data wirelessly, so it’s ready immediately.
  4. Eliminates human error. Barcodes significantly reduce human error by removing data input mistakes. With accurate and easily accessible data, you’ll have the information you need to make the right decisions.
  5. Saves time. Scanning a barcode takes seconds. Scan the part. Scan the asset. That’s how long it takes to link inventory to a new or existing work order record. This system also lets you enter inventory items as they arrive and automatically track who is performing work.

MPulse customers use our CMMS software and barcodes for a variety of things—from tracking employee time to managing the check in/check out process of tools, keys, and vehicles.

Maintenance data is one of your most important assets. It helps you see your maintenance operations in a new light. You’ll also understand what’s working, and what needs more attention.

How could you benefit from barcode scanning? Leave a comment or contact us.