Asset Status Board Datasheet

Identify the Issue. Solve the Problem.

Asset Status Board gives you a global perspective…

  • Monitor all your assets with a glance
  • Drill down to find specific problems
  • Rapidly identify production line issues
  • Improve response time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve communications

See the Health of All Your Assets

MPulse Asset Status Board provides a single-screen view of the health of your entire production line, facilities footprint, or fleet of vehicles. Square boxes (“cells”) can be configured to represent production lines, departments, systems, or individual assets. These cells are color-coded according to criteria you’ve defined. You can choose whatever colors you’d like to indicate current status—healthy, underperforming, or critical failure.

Key Features

  • A cell can represent a single production asset or grouping of assets.
  • The color of the cells changes as asset status changes.
  • Click into any cell to view maintenance requests or current work orders for that cell.
  • Process work requests directly from the ASB.

You should never have to wait for business-critical information. MPulse Asset Status Board—the fastest, easiest way to keep an eye on your organization’s maintenance needs.