Enterprise Management Suite (EMS) Datasheet

Maintenance Software for Large and Growing Businesses

As your business grows, so do your maintenance software needs. Whether you want to implement a CMMS solution for a large, multi-site operation now, or just want to be sure you select a solution that scales with you, MPulse has it covered.

Everything You Need, and Nothing You Don’t

The MPulse Enterprise Management Suite provides organizations the scalability they need to manage even the largest maintenance operations, across numerous sites with multiple maintenance teams. And it does it all without breaking the bank.

Benefits include…

  • Reduced time to implementation with easy scalability
  • Blistering application speed for aggravation-free navigation
  • Global visibility of your most important metrics
  • Increased savings with better inventory visibility
  • Near-real time view of asset health across the enterprise

Easy to Implement

MPulse’s Enterprise Management Suite is made up of these components…

  • Enterprise Framework, with Enterprise Common Settings Manager
  • Enterprise Extensions
    • Enterprise Asset Status Board
    • Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager
    • Enterprise Reporting

Adding enterprise functionality to your MPulse installation(s) couldn’t be easier. The framework is simply “turned on” for hosted customers, or implemented as a web service on local installs. After that, it’s just a matter of unlocking the added functionality of the Extensions by typing in their license keys.

No need for a WAN. Use your existing Internet connection.

Enterprise Framework with Enterprise Common Settings Manager

This “middleware framework” allows you to connect multiple sites or MPulse databases across your enterprise, and across numerous locations. As the name implies, it’s the backbone that connects your MPulse databases, allowing them to share data.

With the Enterprise Framework in place, you can enhance functionality by installing the Enterprise Extensions. Add them to the Framework to unlock robust and powerful feature sets that use data from across your entire organization.

Enterprise Common Settings Manager (ECSM) is included with the Framework. This powerful utility allows you to drive data consistency and reliable reporting across your business. Global administration enables you to define the same values for items such as menus, picklists, and other application controls. Standardization can be selectively enforced, though, so you can grant local control to those who really need it.

Enterprise Asset Status Board

Enterprise Asset Status Board is a single-screen graphical display that shows you the health of assets across your entire organization, in near-real time. It draws information from maintenance requests in all your MPulse databases, and provides a consolidated view with simple, color-coded status indicators.

Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager

Don’t have a part in your local inventory? Enterprise Inventory Transfer Manager allows you discover available inventory in other storerooms across the enterprise. It also lets you issue an inter-office request to retrieve parts, and track the fulfillment and transfer process. You’ll know what inventory is available across the company, not just in your local storeroom.

Enterprise Reporting

Need certain users to see consolidated reports from across numerous company locations? Enterprise Reporting puts the information from all your MPulse databases at your fingertips. You can even track Key Performance Indicator (KPI) widgets in the Maintenance Advisor dashboard. Senior managers will get a global view of the maintenance operation, and be able to quickly identify and prioritize areas.