Inventory Features Datasheet

Basic Inventory

Basic Inventory provides simple records of inventory items and enables you to track and report on consumption of those items. The PartLink feature allows you to link inventory items and their unit costs to work orders and assets. Basic Inventory does not provide active tracking and management of stocking levels or reorder points.

Standard for all editions.

Advanced Inventory

Powerful inventory management functionality, Advanced Inventory builds on the features in Basic Inventory, adding stocking levels, reorder points, storage locations, and supplier information. Advanced Inventory also allows you to track various units of measure for a single inventory item. For example, you might purchase oil by the barrel, but use it by the quart.

Standard for Gold & Platinum. Optional for Bronze & Silver.

Vendor Management

Manage all your suppliers and service providers in one place. Keep detailed records of vendor contact information, rates, and personnel. Track which vendors provide which goods and services, and find out who is available for work. Also track when and how vendors performed on previous orders.

Do you need to follow key measures of vendor performance or ensure they’re fulfilling their service-level obligations? Vendor KPI and SLA tracking is included. Vendor Management provides a direct link between the vendors you depend on and the work orders you manage.

Standard in Gold & Platinum. Optional for Bronze & Silver. Also included with Purchase Requisitions.

Inventory Clerk

Your virtual stockroom manager, Inventory Clerk is a shopping cart interface that allows you to easily scan parts in and out of stock rooms with your mobile device or barcode scanner. You’ll always have an accurate count of all the parts coming and going, and you can easily link them to the associated work orders and assets.

Feature extension available for all editions.

Purchase Requisitions

A comprehensive tool for managing parts and services requisitioning and ordering. Monitor work orders, reorder lists, and requisition records, then produce requisitions or POs as needed. Also allows you to easily track orders and requisitions all the way through receiving and restocking.

Feature extension available for all editions.