MPulse Implementation Success Guarantee

We back up our promises to customers who purchase our implementation services by developing…

  • Three mutually agreed upon goals
  • An action plan to meet those goals
  • A schedule with targeted completion dates

A Goal-Oriented Approach

We’ll help you create measurable results by working through the following “SMART” goal-defining process.


  • What needs to be done?
  • Who owns the goal?
  • Who supports the goal?


  • When is it complete?
  • What is the starting point?
  • How many, how often, how much?


  • Is target date realistic?
  • Is support available?
  • Are resources available?


  • Is goal important?
  • Will it create benefit?
  • Does it drive other initiatives?


  • Does your goal include dates?

Action Plan and Schedule

After defining these mutually agreed upon goals, MPulse helps you outline the key actions required to complete the goal, including who needs to take the action and the targeted completion dates.

Measurable Results

We offer the MPulse Implementation Success Guarantee because we’re sure you’ll see results with our implementation services. Contact us to learn how MPulse can help your organization achieve maintenance success.