MPulse System Requirements Datasheet

Microsoft .NET = World Class Software

MPulse Maintenance Software is a true “n-tier” application, built on Microsoft’s market-leading .NET Framework. As a Microsoft Silver ISV Partner, we work closely with Microsoft to bring you reliable, scalable applications that meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

Hosted or Locally Installed?

Customers who choose MPulse’s Application Hosting Service (AHS) can be sure all their back-end system requirements are met. AHS, managed by Rackspace, is free to MPulse Maintenance and Support Program (MSP) subscribers. For a local install, you’ll need to meet the minimum business tier and data tier requirements in addition to those for the client tier.

Database Options

MPulse uses Microsoft SQL Server as its underlying database. If you don’t have Microsoft SQL Server licenses, don’t worry. Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition with Advanced Services is included with every edition of MPulse Software. MPulse is upward compatible with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher.

MPulse System Architecture

The client, business, and data tiers of MPulse communicate with each other using standard Internet protocols, HTTP and XML. This architecture gives you the flexibility to implement either a distributed or centralized installation based on your business needs—not on physical location. Your users can be anywhere in the world, and you can closely control access, security, and system integrity.

MPulse Software Tiers and System Requirements

Client Tier Desktop and Laptop Computers Requirements

  • Current version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge; Internet Explorer v11

Client Tier Desktop and Laptop Computers Recommendations

  • Microsoft Windows device running Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit) or higher
  • Monitor with 1024 x 768 or higher resolution
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM (more recommended)
  • Internet connection of at least 1 Mbps

Mobile Devices

  • All current Apple devices
  • All current Android devices

Business Tier

The business tier includes the application. It also contains advanced customization and security tools to facilitate communication and data flow through the system. We highly recommend the use of a dedicated application server for optimal performance.

  • Internet connection of at least 1 Mbps
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 8.0 or higher
  • Hardware per Microsoft standards for Windows Server 2012
  • A minimum of 8 GB of RAM (more recommended)

Data Tier

The data tier collects and manages all application data. Your data remains accessible and secure. Since MPulse is browser based and web native, users can easily access data over a LAN, an intranet, or the Internet. A locally hosted data tier needs

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher
  • Hardware per Microsoft standards for SQL Server