Benefits of Unlimited CMMS User Licenses

Traditionally, software is sold as a per-seat license. You’ve probably been buying software this way since your first computer.

Of course, per-seat licensing requires you to buy another software license when you hire a new employee, shift a current employee’s responsibilities, or increase your staff.

But that’s not efficient for large companies with a lot of employees who play different, and often changing, roles.

What’s a ULA?

An unlimited license agreement (ULA) is an arrangement in which a software user pays a single up-front fee to get as many licenses as they want for a specified set of software products over a fixed time frame.

It’s a popular option for businesses who know their team is expanding during that time period.

Benefits of Unlimited Software License Agreements

ULA agreements work best for companies that expect growth through normal business operations. It makes it easier to be a multi-location business and not worry about user caps.

For companies expecting to grow during a specific period of time, a ULA offers…

  • significant cost savings
  • more convenience
  • easier management and administration

MPulse Infinity Tier

MPulse created our Infinity Tier—unlimited CMMS software licenses, so you never have to worry about software licenses again.

The MPulse Infinity Tier is available with all our software editions, whether you decide to purchase or go with SaaS, and whether you choose locally installed or hosted.

You also can combine MPulse Infinity Tier with our Role-Based Access Control feature to help your organization control access to specific CMMS information based on a user’s role and responsibilities.

Unlimited License Agreements vs. Concurrent Licensing

For smaller companies, MPulse’s concurrent user licensing is a different approach with the potential to save you money. The number of concurrent user licenses you need is based on the number of users accessing the software at the same time.

Let’s say your team has 30 people. You have 18 people on the day shift—10 technicians, three parts room employees, two admin assistants, one foreman, you, and your boss. On the night shift, you have another 10 technicians, one parts room employee, and one foreman.

Because not all users will be accessing the system at the same time, you can reduce the number of software licenses you need by more than a third. So you’re not paying extra for users who use the software at different times or only need access occasionally.

Want to know if MPulse Infinity Tier or concurrent licensing is the best choice for your organization? Contact us. We’re here to help.