Building a Strong Team Using CMMS

Team building strategies in the workplace are overlooked or underemphasized in the maintenance department.

But, that’s a mistake. 

Maintenance may look like a solitary job. But your technicians work with other team members, vendors, and almost every department in an organization at one time or another. 

Building a strong team and encouraging working relationships between maintenance and other personnel benefits everyone. And that includes the organization as a whole.

While you can find many team building strategies for the workplace, the maintenance department has some unique issues to consider. Below are the team building tools you need.

Team Building Strategies in the Workplace


CMMS software makes communication between team members, internal departments, and outside vendors much easier. MPulse tools that promote communication include service requesting, PM scheduling, and automatic notification features. 

For example, MPulse can quickly route requests to the appropriate people for review and approval, based on predetermined criteria. That enables your team to respond faster. Plus, the requester to get the status of the work order at any time, eliminating tedious emails and/or phone calls.


Some “old school” industrial employers are still wary of mobile technology. But mobile devices are an excellent way to improve communication. And that’s the foundation of any maintenance team. 

Many organizations have discovered mobile technology is a natural fit with maintenance workflows—and mobile CMMS, specifically. It allows maintainers to access information and record data on the spot—where maintenance happens, instead of in a plant or building office.


Improving the relationship between other departments and maintenance starts with mutual respect and communication. You can help by ensuring all parties understand each person’s role and appreciate the benefits they bring to the organization. 

Make sure the people in positions of power understand what your maintenance program does and the value you bring to the organization. Share your projects, goals, accomplishments, and results for both the department and for your team members. 


Part of investing in your maintenance team is making sure they have the right training to do their jobs. Professional development as an investment in the future of the entire organization. It pays big dividends in the long run.

While budget may limit formal training, think outside the box. Create a professional growth/training program for your maintenance staff. Ask them to share their experience with other team members, like an in-house apprentice program. Reward strong work performance with additional opportunities for education.

What’s your strategy for building a strong team using CMMS? Leave a comment below or contact us.