Why Mobile Maintenance Is a Must for Facility Management

Facility maintenance employees are always on the go—whether it’s on the other side of the building or in a completely different location.

That’s why CMMS software designed for mobile access is more than just a nicety—it’s a necessity.

Mobile devices have transformed the workplace, and the facility maintenance department is no exception.

Thanks to growing bandwidth and better access, you can now connect to the Internet—and virtually any business application—from almost anywhere, via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Improved security features also mean you can safely control access to your data, even when you aren’t in the office.

And that means more organizations are discovering mobile technology coupled with mobile CMMS software is a natural fit for facility maintenance workflows.

Access Information Where Maintenance Happens

The combination of mobile devices and CMMS software allows your team to access information and record data on the spot. That means they’re doing their job where they’re doing their job—instead of taking notes to input later or going back to an office to get more detail (or the next work order).

That’s why mobile technology is such a great fit for maintenance. No running back to the office to pick up paperwork or make a phone call. No pile of paper sitting on a desk waiting to be entered. No searching a bookshelf for manuals or a filing cabinet for warranty information. No writing things down on a paper calendar. It’s all right there on the screen, wherever you are.

The result is improved efficiency, which makes a big difference when you work in a busy facilities office.

What Can Mobile Technology Do for My Facility Maintenance Team?

If you’re looking for mobile CMMS software, consider the benefits of an adaptive interface—which simply means the software works on any size display or device—desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. That means your maintenance team will experience the same familiar interface and the same easy access no matter what device they’re using.

With mobile CMMS software and your mobile device of choice, you can…

  • Get up-to-the minute alerts and reports
  • Open, access, and complete work orders on the go
  • Access historical data on assets while you work on them
  • Send or upload photographs of failed components
  • View available parts inventory
  • Update inventory using barcode scanning and online ordering systems
  • Access maintenance and repair manuals electronically

Mobile devices have huge potential to change the way maintainers track data. Mobile CMMS can help your facility management team spend less time on the computer and more time doing what you hired them for—maintenance. Not sure if your CMMS has mobile capabilities? Create a CMMS comparison chart and make sure your CMMS software is keeping up with the changing workplace.

How does your facility maintenance team use mobile software—or how could they use it? Leave a comment below or contact us.