Inventory Shopping Cart Datasheet

Never Miscount Again

Do items seem to appear on your storeroom shelves without getting properly received? Do spare parts disappear or miss getting linked to work orders? On busy days, tracking what’s coming and going from your inventory room can seem impossible.

MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart will help you never miscount again.

Scan to Track, Count, and Add

MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart is the easiest and most reliable way to track your inventory. Using barcodes on inventory items and on assets, it’s easy to scan either into MPulse.

Scan the part. Scan the asset. That’s how long it takes to link your inventory to a new or existing work order record.

Inventory Shopping Cart is a tool for checking inventory in and out of your warehouse. This time-saving software module lets you…

  • Scan any item with a barcode label
  • Scan repair parts as they’re consumed
  • Quickly link inventory to new and existing work orders
  • Print barcode labels on a laser printer
  • Instantly enter received purchases as they arrive
  • Automatically track who’s performing work

Saves Time and Eliminates Errors

  • Dramatic time savings—no more data entry
  • With data entry gone, eliminates errors
  • Makes it easier to identify parts
  • Saves money by reducing inventory shrinkage and bloat

Why worry about inventory counts? MPulse Inventory Shopping Cart puts professional grade inventory control at your fingertips.