MPulse Software Editions Datasheet

Software Editions

MPulse Means Industrial Grade™

MPulse Software doesn’t sell “basic” maintenance management software, because we know that even smaller organizations need robust software to manage the increasingly complex demands of modern maintenance management. Whether you choose Professional Edition, Advanced Edition, or Enterprise Edition, you’ll get a fast, full-featured CMMS solution at highly competitive pricing.

MPulse Professional

Powerful work order management, preventive maintenance, and service requesting features make up the core toolkit for professional maintenance managers and technicians to get stuff done. MPulse Professional edition provides all these tools combined with powerful inventory tracking, calendar and labor management, vendor management, reporting, and dashboards. Like all MPulse editions, it works on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Global search navigation provides easy access to any record.

MPulse Advanced

MPulse Advanced Edition takes the capabilities of MPulse Professional to the next level. Advanced Customization features give you maximum flexibility to customize MPulse to your organization’s needs, with custom fields and forms, and much more. Asset Lifecycle Tracking helps you keep tabs on all your assets’ important financial metrics, warranties, and dates. Inventory Shopping Cart and Purchase Requisitions make MPulse’s inventory features even more powerful and easy to use.

MPulse Enterprise

MPulse Enterprise Edition builds on the extensive capabilities of MPulse Advanced, providing all the features necessary to run large maintenance teams at even the most complex, geographically dispersed operations. Numerous Fortune 500 companies depend on MPulse Enterprise to get real-time visibility of their critical equipment and facilities, and to keep important assets running and available. Enterprise adds DataLink Integration Adapter to make integration with assets, databases, and ERP systems fast, reliable and easy. This edition also includes Single Sign-On to make identity management and system access a snap. And our latest innovation in personnel scheduling and job assignment, MPulse Resource Leveling, provides an intuitive, calendar-based scheduling interface that matches open work orders with the right available employees with the right skills to get the job done. Great for even the largest maintenance teams of dozens or even hundreds of employees.

For over two decades, MPulse has provided maintenance tracking, scheduling, and reporting software to companies large and small, in virtually every industry. We know the challenges you face, and we provide the tools to help you face them.