What is Calendar Management Software?

Calendar management uses customized and filtered schedules to make sure your whole maintenance team knows what needs to be done, and by when. MPulse lets you create CMMS calendars for anything—work order due dates, preventive maintenance, warranty expiration, employees or vendors, task type, completion dates, and much more. 

MPulse Calendars can be customized and filtered, and they work seamlessly with our maintenance work order creation tool. Drag-and-drop capability lets you reschedule in a flash. View calendars by month, week, or day. Plus, there’s no limit to the number or type of calendar views. You’ll be able to see what needs to happen when, quickly and easily. 

Calendars are a huge part of the maintenance operations management field—from safety inspections to planned maintenance tasks to staff schedules. The ability to visualize what needs to happen and when helps maintenance teams stay on the same page, no matter how busy they get.

Benefits of Calendar Management Software

You’ll always see what’s coming up in your maintenance calendars, so your team is ready to go when the time is right. 

Benefits of calendar management include the ability to…

  • Visualize your team’s day, week, or month 
  • Prioritize high priority work, while making sure lower priority work doesn’t slip through the cracks
  • Improve communication between shifts or employees
  • Automate scheduling for preventive maintenance, inspections, and meetings
  • Integrate with work order management tools
  • Customize and filter calendars to see exactly what you need to see

Features of Calendar Management Software

Your MPulse calendars can show you exactly what your team needs to do, and when it needs to happen.

MPulse Calendar Management features include…

  • Customization and filters for work order due dates, scheduled maintenance, warranty expiration, employees or vendors, task type, completion dates, and much more
  • Drag-and-drop capability to reschedule in a flash
  • Unlimited number or type of calendar views 
  • Automated scheduling for tasks or meetings
  • Ability to quickly add tasks and other deadlines on the fly
  • Capacity to add inspections, deadlines, tasks, meetings, travel information, and much more 

Calendar Management for Mobile

Mobile features for calendar management use wireless technology, smartphones, tablets, and/or laptops to help you and your technicians manage, initiate, and complete work while you’re away from your desks or in the field. Using mobile technology allows you to access critical information easily without calling back to the office or getting “plugged in.” 

The potential and benefits of mobile technology are huge for maintenance professionals. Many organizations have discovered mobile technology is a natural fit with maintenance workflows—and mobile CMMS, specifically. It allows maintainers to access information and record data on the spot.The combination of mobile devices with CMMS make for a powerful tool to help you get the job done where maintenance actually happens. 

App for Mobile to Streamline Processes

You can always see what’s coming up in your maintenance planning and scheduling calendars, wherever and whenever you need to with MPulse Mobile. Imagine your staff being able to do these activities from anywhere:

  • Open, access, and complete work orders
  • Send or upload photographs of failed components
  • View available parts inventory
  • Access historical data on assets
  • Get up-to-the minute alerts and reports
  • Update inventory using barcode scanning and online ordering systems
  • Access maintenance and repair manuals
  • Record locations automatically with a GPS-enabled device.

Who uses MPulse’s Calendar Management Software

Do maintenance tasks seem to fall through the cracks? Are PM schedules or inspections consistently overdue? On busy days, tracking what’s important to stay on top of maintenance can seem impossible.

MPulse calendar management features solve maintenance challenges for all types of industries, including…

  • Manufacturing: Give your organization a competitive edge by reducing downtime and extending asset lifecycles throughout your manufacturing operations.
  • Facility Management: Access information and record data on the spot to help your facility management team spend more time doing their job.
  • Construction: Improve equipment reliability to deliver quality work on budget and on schedule.
  • Government: Extend the lifecycle of government and public sector assets with secure CMMS software that improves safety, response time, inventory availability, labor resources, and communication. 
  • Education: Maintain a safe learning environment for students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Healthcare: Manage maintenance and regulatory compliance for critical assets, while ensuring patient safety, privacy, and satisfaction. 
  • Hotels and Event Venues: Stay up to date on the latest requests, preventive maintenance schedules, and potential issues that can affect the experience of guests.
  • Oil & Gas: Improve productivity and extend the life cycle of critical assets while controlling costs.
  • Food Processing: Get real-time visibility of critical equipment and facilities, while also keeping tabs on costs, improving response times, reducing breakdowns, and eliminating lost information between shifts.

Successful Implementation Example of Calendar Management Software

Vancouver School District maximized the organization’s asset lifecycles by using MPulse to schedule preventive maintenance, plan large projects, and track maintenance and repair expenditures on fleet vehicles and facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About MPulse’s Calendar Software