The Power of Global Search Navigation

Efficient and effective search functionality is essential for users to quickly find the information they need in their CMMS. Traditional navigation methods can be time-consuming, especially when searching for specific data across multiple modules. To optimize user productivity, an intuitive global search navigation feature is a must-have.

With global search navigation, users can search an entire database from a single search field, enabling easy access to any record. With global search, you can get right to records by entering simple keywords or using powerful advanced search features.

MPulse’s Global Search Navigation tool takes our CMMS users right where they need to go in a flash. Advanced search functionality gives you access to any record. It also works with our Barcode Scanning feature.

Benefits of Global Search Software

Global search software can be particularly useful for users who are less familiar with database hierarchy. 

Benefits of advanced file search tools include the ability to:

  • Search for specific terms without needing to know the correct field
  • Bring up related records to that term
  • Narrow the scope of a search query to eliminate irrelevant information
  • Reduce the time needed to look through records
  • Find the exact content you need.

Global Search Tool Features

Global search solutions help you find content faster and easier. 

Advanced search functions should include the ability to:

  • Use either a word or a phrase for searching
  • Find content without knowing the exact title or name
  • Read barcodes or QR codes
  • Use search operators to identify and locate information
  • Narrow the scope of a search query to eliminate irrelevant information.

Mobile Global Search Solutions

Mobile global search solutions can use barcode labels that can be read by commonly available mobile devices—including smartphones, tablets, and barcode scanners. These mobile devices can easily transmit data wirelessly, making records easier to find. Improved security features mean you can safely control access to your data, even when you aren’t in the office.

What’s more, maintenance personnel can use a smartphone, tablet, or barcode scanner to input search terms from any CMMS field. Your maintenance staff also can use their barcodes and their mobile device to find data in our system-wide search. 

App for Mobile to Streamline Processes

MPulse Mobile is an add-on feature available for any MPulse edition. Technicians simply enter their usual account information to log in and:

  • Find and link inventory using barcodes
  • Report problems in the field
  • Capture data when and where it happens
  • Document work with pictures and videos
  • Receive and update work assigned to you
  • Complete work orders with all required data
  • Track hours worked with activity timer
  • Work offline with seamless background synchronization

Who used MPulse’s Global Search Tool Features

MPulse serves virtually every industry imaginable. We like to say, with a wink, “We only serve companies who work in buildings or make something.”

Since 1995 MPulse has served thousands of customers, located across all 50 U.S. states and in 22 additional countries around the world. MPulse customers are located on every continent in the world … including a research station in Antarctica! 

MPulse is designed to grow with any size business, from small organizations with one or two maintenance technicians to global enterprises with locations around the world, including organizations in…

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Facility management
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government operations
  • Food & beverage
  • Oil & gas
  • Hospitality and entertainment
  • Virtually every other industry imaginable.  

Ready to Enhance Your CMMS Experience?

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